Open-source Software to Model Cognition and Behavior using Machine-learning
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Machine-learning software helps answering questions about cognition



Part of the University of Basel research in Economic Psychology


R, C++

Realized in R-Statistics, R6 classes, and C++

Open-source Software to Model Cognition and Behavior using Machine-learning

A user-friendly collection of machine-learning models for learning, behavior, and decision-making.

I’ve developed software to model human cognition: learning, deciding, and thinking. The software is an open-source R library to create, fit, test, and compare computational cognitive models based on machine-learning principles. It integrates over ten common algorithms of the human mind and can be extended easily. I have written the modeling syntax as user-friendly as possible. The package is in use and has been used in several publications.

The code is on GitHub. You can view the Project Page and read the scientific paper in CogSci.