Tool to Generate Reports of Data Analyses Results Automatically
Data scientist in Basel
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Reporting tool

Automatic reporting improves the accuracy of reports and enhances the data communication efficiency



Part of Rewoso‘s real-world evidence projects


R, Rmarkdown, Quarto

Realized in R-Statistics, RMarkdown, knitr, Quarto, and Powerpoint

Automatic Framework to Report Data Analysis Results Programmatically

A programmatic reporting tool to produce analysis reports or presentations directly and automatically from code.

I’ve developed a tool in the data pipeline to automatically report the results of diverse analyses into MS PowerPoint, MS Word, PDF, or HTML which eases the updating of results. The reporting pipeline is written in the open-source language R and Quarto, and the design of the result incorporates the corporate design of the company it was developed for. I have designed the pipeline allowing the report to include large tables in a readable format, data visualizations, statistical results, and the option to annotate the reports with text that may contain statistical results. Also, the reporting pipeline is programmatic, meaning it will automatically update if a new version of the report is needed.

The code and project are for internal use only.