Experience and Efficacy of Digital Therapeutics in Major Depression
Data scientist in Basel
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Major Depression

How do people who have depression use and experience a digital health app



Part of Rewoso’s real-world-evidence insights projects



Realized in R-Statistics, RMarkdown

Studying Experiences and the Efficacy of a Digital Therapeutics in Major Depression

Real-world digital health insights about the user behavior and efficacy of a smartphone application that offers cognitive-behavioral therapy to help people diagnosed with major depression.

This project used real-world data and combined them with digital health device data, investigating the symptom development of patients who are diagnosed with depression and who were newly-prescribed a clinically-approved digital health application ( The results looked promising and aligned with the results that a phase-III randomized clinical trial has found about, and details will be forthcoming at the 2024 DGN congress.

You can read the abstract if it is published at the DGN Congress.