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Uncategorized / 23.06.2018

People often state that they prefer one thing over the other. Whether these preferences are learned, constructed, discovered, or something completely different, is unclear. We ask: What is the cognitive process underlying preference formation? And we have a pretty neat idea (with Jörg Rieskamp at...

Current Courses, Project Seminar / 02.10.2016

This course involves the co-ordinatinon of so-called project seminars and co-supervising a project seminar group (with Mikhail Spektor). Project seminars provide groups of psychology students with the opportunity to develope their own first empirical research project, supervised by a team of 11 researchers from various...

Current Courses, Teaching / 02.10.2016

[dropcap type="1"]T[/dropcap]his course introduces bachelor students to scientific writing to prepare them for their bachelor thesis. In Basel, the thesis usually takes the form of a review article. The course teaches hands-on skills regarding the necessary parts of your thesis, the overall structure of a...