Publications & Work in Progress

Projects: Urso, D., Jarecki, J. B., Meta-analysis of risk-sensitive foraging

Jarecki, J. B., Rieskamp, J. (in preparation) The processes underlying risk-sensitivity >> read more

Jarecki, J. B., Wilke, A. (in preparation) Domain-specific risk cognition unravelled

Working paper: Jarecki, J. B., Rieskamp, J. (working paper) Memory-based formation of prefrences >> read more

Hoffart, J., Jarecki, J. B., Rieskamp J. (working paper) Deconstructing financial risks: Perceptions of risk and the risk-return paradox >> read more

Jarecki, J. B., Tan, J. H., & Jenny, M. A. (working paper). What is a cognitive process model? A disambiguation.

Jarecki, J. B., Kellberg T. N., Bach L. A., Johanssen N. N., Riede F., Lombard M. (in preparation) Bow Hunting Facilitates Human Dispersal

Publications: Jarecki, J. B., & Wilke, A. (2018). Into the black box: tracing information about risks related to 10 evolutionary problems. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 12, 230–244. doi:10.1037/ebs0000123

Jarecki, J. B., Meder, B., & Nelson, J. D. (2018). Naïve and robust: class-conditional independence in human classification learning. Cognitive Science, 42, 4–42. doi:10.1111/cogs.12496

Jarecki, J., Meder, B., & Nelson, J. D. (2013). The assumption of class-conditional independence in category learning. In M. Knauff, M. Pauen, N. Sebanz, & I. Wachsmuth (Eds.), Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 2650–2655). Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society. Link to paper