Working with …

Cognitive Modeling

Bayesian mixture models, decision tree models, fast-and-frugal heuristics, exemplar models, linear models

Inferential Methodology

Numerical parameter fitting, genetic algorithms, cross-validation, parameter recovery; also gaussian network models, GLMMs

Experimental design

Optimal experimental design: optimizing design to distinguish models prior to data collection (Myung & Pitt, 2009)

Online Experiments

  Distribution: Amazon MTurk, Prolific Academic, Hosting: O-tree+Heroku, Unipark, Qualtrics, self-hosted

Tools & Languages

  R, JS, jQuery, C++, Python, parallel computing

Lab Experiments

Quantitative Data

choice data | process data

Qualitative Data


Myung, J. I., & Pitt, M. A. (2009). Optimal experimental design for model discrimination. Psychological Review, 116(3), 499–518. doi:10.1037/a0016104