The links below provided me with useful resources for science. You will find links to programs, R-packages, and random scientific content related to decision science.


  • R-project | a free and powerful statistical software
  • Sublime Text | a lightweitght code editor
  • Notepad-plus-plus | a really good, lightweight text editor for coding
  • Npptor | a plugin to compile R-code from the editor notepad++
  • Publish or perish | a tool to download google scholar citations and citation meta-data to, among others, csv files
  • Aquad | open-source software for free-text coding or picture/sound coding


  • ggplot2 | an awesome R-package for plotting all sorts of graphics
  • data.table | an even more awesome R-package for doing apply-like things but with greater speed improvement


  • Indecision blog | a blog about decision science
  • SJDM | the society for judgment and decision making
  • EGPROC | the European group for process tracing studies
  • EADM | the European association for decision making
  • COGSCI | the cognitive science society