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Memory-based formation of preferences

Why do we prefer what we prefer? Take cereal bars. Do I genuinely¬†prefer an almond bar over one with hazelnuts most of the time? Or does this almond bar look like the one I had the other day, which was delicious, and happend to have almonds? (I personally prefer chocolate, but that’s a different story.)

Deconstructing financial risks: subjective loss and fluctuation

What is financial risk to humans? Is it how much they can loose? Is it how predictable their returns are? Is it variance?  Or something differently entirely?

Process Models

Do we, as scientific community, actually agree about what constitutes a process model? We developed a practical framework for eveyone developing process models specifying the necessary characteristics of cognitive process models (in collaboration with Jolene H. Tan, and Mirjam A. Jenny; both Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin)