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Replication Wilke 2014

Replication of Wilke (2014) Eight of 10 main effects of domain and gender have the same direction as in Wilke et al. (2014). Eight of nine effects had the same direction in both studies, and the ninth was small (and insignificant) in both studies The tables can be found in Appendix A of the paper. Setup # Libraries & Directories library(reshape2) #To change from long to short format library(data.table) #To handle data.frames more efficiently library(lsr) #For effect sizes library(pwr) library(xtable) […]


Plots The following code generates the plots Setup library(data.table) library(ggplot2) library(themejj); theme_set(themejj(base_size=12)) # install_github(janajarecki/themejj) # Helper functions: download the utils folder and maybe change the path path argument sapply(list.files(path="utils/", pattern="*.R", full.names = TRUE), source, .GlobalEnv) # Throws some code, don't worry about this. Figure 1 Before you run the first command, make sure you have received the data of the current article and received the data of Study 1 and Study 2 of Wilke et al (2014), since this code […]


Particpants Of the 126 people who participated, six were excluded due to inconsistent responses, leaving a final sample of N = 120 participants with 62 women (mean age 33 years, range 18 to 65, SD 11 years). We recruited via Amazon Mechanical Turk. Compensation was $2 for an average duration of 22 min, range 7 to 56 min # Load the demographics data # Change this path to where your data lies setwd("../4-Data") # Change to your data directory d […]

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