How to set up Repeated-Measures Regressions in R

We analyze within-subjects designs with repeated-measures regressions, aka random-effects models. Learn how to set up such models in R. This concerns analyzing data with grouping, clustering, aka. hierarchical data, data with correlated errors, or data with violations of sphericity.

MathPsych/ICCM 2018

The annual MathPsych conference (meeting of the Society for Mathematical Psychology and the International Conference on Cognitive Modelling) was held in June. This is a quick and late summary.

Make Sublime Text 3 talk to Github

How to make Sublimetext 3 work with your online Github repository? Git is for version control, while GitHub is for sharing code. Here’s a five-step instruction how to connect Sublimetext to Git, and Git to GitHub.

How to create R-Packages

Do you need some functions over and over again? Tired of sourcing them to multiple projects? Wrap functions in an R package (Windows)

Process Models

Do we, as scientific community, actually agree about what constitutes a process model? We developed a practical framework for eveyone developing process models specifying the necessary characteristics of cognitive process models (in collaboration with Jolene H. Tan, and Mirjam A. Jenny; both Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin)